Friday, August 29, 2008

Figuratively Mark Your Figurative Calendars!

A photo of me after I told C my bloggity plans for September.
Doesn't he look proud?

Or, maybe he's just watching the Twins' Game we were attending--absolutely oblivious to his annoying wife taking my-space-style photos of him.

Hand to Blog-God (also know as Lindsay Lohan---girl has some serious issues but blogs like a mofo) (Just kidding...I only like to read her stuff so I can feel all superior about my use of actual grammar and, in general, the English language*)..........

-->Starting September 1st<--
I will (once again) be attempting to blog every single day for at
least 30 days.**

I'm not saying I won't fall off the wagon*** and end up on the side of a prairie road with my hoop-skirt up over my head, but I'm willing to give it a shot.

Please, oh please, let me still have a few readers. But not Lindsay Lohan, because I don't think she get any of it. On that same train of thought....drunk, incoherent comments are always welcome!

*...and my bad-ass use of "...", way too many asterisks, parentheses, run-on sentences and never knowing where to put the period if I type something like, Lindsay Lohan is "awesome". Should the period go on the inside???
** In a row
***See June.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hey! Look over there! A post!

This is an action shot!!!
I'm waving HELLO to you! I'm not dead! Although my hair is so limp it's giving the impression that I am.

I've posted! Not here (of course)---but over there! Please oh please visit and give me and Hillary some loooooove. So walk this WAAAAAY.............

Also, stay tuned.....I have some extra special posts coming up in the very near future:
"Quit Smushin' My Peaches, Lady!"
"My nephew and why I might have to steal him"

No prostitute or yard-stick suspender posts are on the horizon, but I'm pretty sure I could make one up. I know they're your favorite, so I'll have to think on this.

I surely do appreciate all of the "Are you dead?" "Um hello, do you remember you have a blog?" "Time to post again!" e-mails from you all. I've loads going on right now that have taken precious minutes away from anything that doesn't involve work, the ocassional trip to the potty and eating ramen noodles. I sort of touch on this over at Hillary's.

Have (go) a (visit) great (me) day (over at Hillary's)!!!!

Thy name is stealth.