Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Pink Surprise Edition

So, I've never been big on the whole shutting up thing. And I was always the first to lose the "quiet game." Not a surprise that I can't keep my mouth shut on what's supposed to be a wordless post. But I'll be brief. Actually, probably more like boxer briefs...

It's time for a contest. I'm giving something away. It's a surprise! And oh, it's going to be a shame if you don't win'll be very, very upset. The loss could be, dare I say, tragic to some.
I am not dramatic at all.

Here is your visual clue.

I'm a little disturbed by how much my thumb looks like an elephant trunk.

Lately, many of you have been sharing your captcha (word verifications).
I've been seeing some super interesting ones on your blogs, too.

My favorites include:

Oh Nunsy! Wellihoo!! You there? Quit wastin your day and come over for a game of Bingja!

I think you see where this is going....if you don't, time to lay off the drink.

To enter the contest, this is what you need to do:
1. Leave a comment with your captcha.
2. Use your captcha in a sentence.

This will be like our little nerdy game of Balderdash. Or is that redundant?

In tomorrow's Evening Post (hahahahaha, that was awesome. Don't get it? Again, time to lay off the drink.) I'll announce the winner of the mysterious pink item, chosen by some whoosit whatsit online that will randomly do it for me!

Good luck! Hope you captcha a good one!!! BWahahaha!


TMC said...

"crenum" (?!)

She added a little crenum to the frosting to really make her cupcakes sparke.

: )

Memarie Lane said...

habla inglesse?

great idea. can't tell wtf that is though. :P

friyet said...

first of all, i am glad that you pointed out that was your thumb.... my first word of the day was "kambica", i hated that word so i cheated and got "hyperspe", i combined them into this entry: kambica nervously looked for somewhere to hyperspe before the lights came back on.

Erin said...

My favorite word verification IS a sentence all in its own. I even Twittered about it last week:


Why, thank you!

Sparkliesunshine said...


Cismo verb
1. To fall on purpose

The other day I was walking with my friends because they has been fighting things were tense and the only way I could think of was to cismo.

I find cismoing will always break the tension.

monstergirlee said...

Ah, I see how it is...
That is not yourtess - its Mytess, unless I feel like sharing...

jess said...

oooooh DESSEE! getchorrr azz in here! i got sumpin for youuuuu! mm mmm mmm. this is some good pie!

p.s. my word was DESSEE

Hillary said...


I would like a nonyl of gin please.

Meg said...


*drunken slur* Glass of suscr and vodka please

Sra said...


I like my hotdogs with ketsump and mustard.

Angella said...


Which made me think of Hills! Whose wedding I shot and who you are Internet BFFs with...

Natalie said...

ok...that picture was just disturbing. let me explain what it looked like to me. a tile floor, a barbie dress on the carpet up against the tile floor, and someone's fat, dimply, naked leg sitting on the carpet next to the barbie dress. could be my fat, dimply, naked leg next to the barbie dress, but i don't remember anyone taking a picture of me half naked. after a few too many shots of hesterpa though anything is possible.


Bridge said...

I don't know, but I would totally tudegin if given the opportunity. Now what I would tudegin is for your imagination only. I will not tell. /wink

(do it again)

witchypoo said...

If Ivi is reading, I really didn't mean it.

Nilsa said...


When I wear my ststio shoes, I feel like I can do anything!

Sparkliesunshine said...

I really must learn to edit. I reread my sentence today and it was all sorts of confusing.

Here is an official edited version:

When things are tense with my friends I try to find a way to cismo dramatically, such as in a grocery store where I can cismo onto a whole display canned beans and send them flying.

I find cismoing will always break the tension. Though, you have to be prepared for the new tension when the store manager comes over.

I maintain that cismoing is not a crime!

Hyphen Mama said...


It's not your normal luxury cruise, it's a spabboat. We take care of all your massage, facial and manicure needs. Sign up today!

Hyphen Mama said...

OH...and now I'm seriously wondering who's behind the curtain... because the next one is "Candi"

Hi.... my name is Candi, with an i.

Hyphen Mama said...

I've gotta stop before my brain explodes....


"The next generation in weight loss formula... SkinE. Just pop 2 tablets a day and soon, you'll be SkinE."

*Poking eye out with stick*

Nate Ring said...


I just made up this word to sound cool, Blurd?!

Nicole said...


"I stood up on my soap box to spelsh my beliefs on global warming."