Thursday, November 6, 2008

Who woulda thunk it!? All I needed to do was offer up something Pink and Mysterious and my Traffic goes through the roof!!

Oh, you funny, funny people. I can't tell you how much you made me laugh. Sparklie, when I read your initial entry, I thought you were just using rough, street-cred-type talk. Until I found out that you were just special :-)

And Natalie? The comparison of my thumb to a dimpled thigh nearly made me pee myself! Well done! Seriously--thank GOD for because there is no way I could have picked a favorite. You all are hilarious.

Miss Hyphen? Such initiative! The multiple entries! I am totally awarding you extra-credit in the form of a unique shout-out:

And now, for the winner of this
Pink, Mysterious, EXTRAVAGANZA!!!

The winner (chosen by is:

(Yes, that really is Meg. Holding a Pineapple. Isn't she fantastic? I totally think so.)

Also, she's been telling me for nearly a year now that she will be doing/wants to do a seasonal-fruit-in-the-bathroom photo shoot, but so far? Nothing. I've been looking at that pineapple since last February. Meg? Maybe it's time for a pear.

Meg's Captcha contribution:
*drunken slur* Glass of suscr and vodka please

----Even when she's drunk, she's polite!----

And what has she won?

The most soft-est, comfy-est
Please note that the hideous yellow light does not come with the socks.

(Nate? Aren't you just so ticked-off that you didn't win a pair of pink, fluffy socks? You could have worn them to work! Or out to the bar with the guys! Better luck next time.
Maybe I'll give away a bra in the next contest.)

You'll be happy to know that the money used to purchase the socks goes to a very worthy cause:

(hence the little red dress logo)

MEG: Please send your mailing address to

Tomorrow, this blog will return to it's
normally scheduled programming of pure and utter class...




Hillary said...

Yay Meg!!

Bridge said...


Meg said...

Oh my! I've been checking back all day to see who won, I never thought it would be me!!!!!!

New goals for end of the year:
Place OT somewhere on my body
Add more fruit to my portfolio

Captcha is foodplo tonight!

Meg said...


PS Thanks!

Nilsa said...

I loved this give-away. And when the winter months bring dark dark days, I may borrow your idea. Maybe.

Sparkliesunshine said...

Congrats Meg!!

Yeah, I'm special alright. Perhaps I should have just let it go and made it seem like I am the street talk goddess.

Marissa said...

I love those socks! So cozy!

Natalie said...

congrats! i'm glad to know you don't have barbie clothes spread all over your floor. i feel better now.

your thumb...good to know!

although my captcha word now is bodis which totally would have worked with the naked leg picture!

Hyphen Mama said...

Yay Meg! I love the picture of her with the pineapple. Maybe a kumquat next.

friyet said...

congrats to meg on winning the softest sockies in the world, i have a pair [not pink, but soft] and they are quite wonderful!