Thursday, November 27, 2008

Pre-Planned Guest Post: Food Coma Edition

My portrait obtained from here.

Oh, Hello!

This is the Over-Thinker's top-button, reporting to you live on Thanksgiving night. She wisely predicted that I wouldn't be working this evening and would therefore have a moment to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!

There's a chance that I won't be employed for a few weeks, so you might be hearing from me a few more times. But! Starting January 1st, I'm expecting overtime-pay due to the (TOTALLY realistic) resolution by my owner to lose 25 pounds by March. She wants to look hot for the leprechauns.


Meg said...

Dear Top Button,
It was lovely to hear from you again. I'm very sorry to report that I totally believe in The Over-Thinker and her goal to lose 25 lbs by March. Hope you behave for her.

TMC said...

Well, well... aren't you a sassy button?!

Hillary said...

and I love you
and your top button

Sra said...

Creative! I too shall be continuing the quest for sexy ass body into 2009, seeing as how I managed not to lose (or gain) a single pound in 2008. But I'm starting a kick ass cycling class in January, and the last time I took it, the pants I started the class with didn't stay up on their own once the class was finished. So my top button got rest in the form of a belt. I look forward to similar results this time. Good luck on yours!

Al said...

I'm working on the top button problem as we speak (stupid button had the audacity to laugh at me...)

See if you can find a gym that offers adventure fitness classes. I'm doing a holiday fitness challenge that is FILLED w/ AFCs and am having A BLAST! And it's convinced me to run on those days that I don't go to AFC. Even when the ankle hurts and the shin splints kick in, I'm determined to SHUT THAT TOP BUTTON UP!

Now... beer-thirty (hey, I ran today. you wanna make something of it?)

Hyphen Mama said...

My top button has demanded that I lose 10 pounds by xmas. Apparently the rubberband method of holding one side to the other is unsatisfactory and tacky for Top Button. Biotch.