Monday, November 24, 2008

C Outdorked Me and is Currently seeking Delorian Wings...also-- I have a few thoughts.

TMC, at Return to Rural has graciously designed a lovely award for C.
I need to find out what TMC stands for.
Until then, I shall think of her as The Mighty Cigar.

Isn't this badge just too perfect for words?
I am so proud.

The Mighty Cigar writes:
"So here's a winner's seal, in Mountain Dew green and yellow (I couldn't figure out how to put delorian wing doors on it, sorry), proclaiming the Over-Thinker's signifother as the bigger idiot/dork of the two. Congratulations!! Feel free to copy the sh*t out of it and use it on your holiday cards or have it tattooed somewhere conspicuous. Make sure they get the colours right or it'll just look janky."

In other, unrelated news...
A few thoughts for this Monday:

Tequila shots always seem like a good idea.
Until they start to come back up, along with a Fiber One bar, as you're sucking on the lime.

It's impossible to keep one's stomach sucked in while eating the 6th piece of pizza.
Resistance is futile. Also, top-buttons are so overrated. So is low cholesterol.

If you have five minutes to compose and send an e-mail, in those five minutes, you'll get a piece of eraser in your eye, you'll choke on your tea and your laptop will freeze-up. I suppose I could have left out the part about the choking and the eraser, but I like to keep things real.

Another one of those God Damned automatic toilets flushed while I was on it--AGAIN. And I was out of Clorox Wipes!!! That's it. I'm getting a stadium pal. Now, I just need to figure out how to attach the self-adhesive condom. Suggestions?

I really don't care for Liza Minelli. That is all.


jess said...

omg for reals, you have got to stop. the snorking and guffawing coming from utah is just embarrassing.

friyet said...

hey, me too here in utah too, you seriously crack me up and what, pray tell, did liza do? tequila shots on the way up not quite as exotic as on the way down. 'specially mixed with chunks![trust me i know]... ewwwwww

The Over-Thinker said...

Jess & FriYet: If I ever take my "act" on the road, my tour dates will ONLY be in Utah and Canada. Germans love David Hasselhoff and Utahians (??) and Canadians tolerate the Over-Thinker. So thank you bunches for that :-)

Hyphen Mama said...

Damn! So I have to go to Utah to see your live act? I'll start saving now.

Angella said...

If you come to Canada, I am SO THERE.

monstergirlee said...

start carrying a pad of those small post-its. put one over the automatic eye and it won't flush 'til you take it off. learned that 'cause it scared my son sooo badly.

ps. don't got to canada - they don't have target. but they do gave angella and ali.

Hillary said...

Oy! Canada has Angella and Ali AND HILLARY.
my word verification is "faces" - I feel strangely disappointed.

Sra said...

You could try putting electrician's tape over the sensor on the auto flush toitois, and then just go manual. That's kind of what I wish I could do with my automatic windows in my car: manual override. Especially when they break down in the middle of winter.

Ree said...

I love you. That is all.

Nilsa said...

I love awards, but you always see the same ones floating around ... which comes to our next group activity. Forget BlogSecret. We're doing BloggyAwards where each participant makes up their own award (complete with graphical design) and bestows it on 5 other bloggers. Awww yeah!

Al said...

good gawd, woman! You are hilarious...