Sunday, June 8, 2008

Weight-Watcher Trickery...oh yes, I am tricky.

I'm an avid "follower" of the Church of Weight Watchers, although I've never attended a meeting. At their meetings, do they have pews and a pulpit? mom lost a bunch of weight (in fact, now she looks like she could put on a few pounds) and I thought, "Hey, I need to lose a bunch of weight, I should try Weight Watchers." And then I thought, "Uh oh, I hate meetings, and I've hated getting on a scale in public since that unfortunate incident in 4th grade gym class."*

So, I decided to do WW my own way. I didn't attend the weekly weigh-in meetings, but I'd weigh myself weekly, at home. My mom gave me some of the WW notebooks so I could record my points (Yay! These are almost like school supplies!). I was successful with the program--so far, I've lost about 70 pounds. I have 35 to go before I get to my "happy" weight.

With WW, you are alloted a certain number of points that you can have each day. The point allotment is determined by your current weight, if you are in "maintenance mode" and if you are still wanting to lose weight. Most women have between 20-30/day. You're also allowed so many extra points each week, but I don't use those--that's probably why I've lost the weight pretty quickly. Also, if you exercise, you can "bank" points. I also do not do this. I also do not exercise....hmmm, I'm working on that.

FYI, a "point" is about 50 calories and approximately 1-2.5 grams of fat. And the more FIBER (a.k.a. MAGIC) in a food, the more points are canceled.

Here are some foods/snacks that I've found are pretty much "nothing" in point-age but they really fill you up:
Please NOTE: Most of these foods contain MASSIVE amounts of fiber. Let's just say that it took awhile for my body to "get used to it" be careful doubling-up on these items before you're "used to it"...if you get my heh, heh "drift".....(booooo!)

Fiber One Bars: Chocolate Delight
These bars are like CANDY BARS. They have about 150 calories (which is normally about 3 points) but because there is so much fiber, it is only counted as ONE POINT

Mission Brand Low Carb High Fiber Tortillas
Normally, tortillas are pretty high in points, but these (if you only have 1 or 2), because of all the fiber, count as NOTHING. I load up each tortilla with Kraft Fat Free Cheddar cheese (about 45 grams) and drizzle taco sauce on top. I roll them up and microwave them for about 1-2 minutes and they're a gooey, cheesy snack for only 2-3 points.

Baked Cheetos
You can have 28 grams of these babies for about 3 points. And they seem to last a long time, i.e. if you're watching TV, make a point to suck off all the "cheese" powder from the Cheeto before crunching it. Weird, but true.

Boca Burgers (All-American flame-grilled)

These are only 1-2 points/burger (depending on how much FF cheese you use)! They aren't much by themselves, but if you top them with mushrooms (sprayed with a shot of Pam Olive Oil Spray--fat free) and some of that Fat Free cheese, they are AWESOME. Don't forget to top them with red onions--no points!

Vanilla Soda
For a fun drink, I buy the sugar-free syrups for flavoring coffee, but I put it in club soda with a tablespoon of FF Half & Half. It is sooooooooo good.

In general, I try to stay away from sugar, but there's nothing wrong with a little bit. I'm aware that I ingest copious amounts of artificial sweetener, but as a rule, I try to stick with Splenda. Also, I drink as much Propel, flavored water as I can (no points!). I also weigh my food instead of count it out. For example, with the Cheetos, their nutritional info is by a serving of 28g/or 34 pieces. If you weigh it, you get "more"---does that make sense?

Please note that, in general, I'm not completely anal retentive about eating. I try to stick to the WW rules. But I also cook for a living. And LOVE FOOD WITH A PASSION---cooking and eating it...I just try to make smart choices. I try not to eat cake mix directly from the box or an entire box of cereal in one sitting. But if it happens, it happens :)

Now, who wants to sit next to the "fat girl"? :-)

*In 4th grade, I weighed 77 pounds. At the end of the school year we were weighed in gym and the teacher made this one student, a total asshole I will refer to as Asshole, carry the sheets that had our stats printed on the front, to the school office. (Why the teacher did this/was allowed to do this blows my mind.) Asshole got back to class and told everyone that I was fat and what I weighed. I was literally one of the smallest people in the class, but I couldn't see this, rather, Asshole wouldn't allow me to see this. She called me fat, chubby, overweight.... Say it with me everyone: What an asshole.


Donna said...

twice now the internet ate my freakin comment - stupid internet

okay, Uh-hemm . . . "What an asshole!"

And, I can't even remember when I weighed 100 pounds or less.
BTW, anytime you've posted pictures of you I've always thought you looked gorgeous.

Finally, Me thinks I need those notebooks 'cause I'd like to lose about 70! So, just send them my way, kay?

Hillary said...

What an asshole! The teacher is an ass too, for letting a student see all the other kids' weights. People suck.

You are such a rockstar for losing 70 pounds. Serously. Such a rockstar.

Angella said...

You have lost SEVENTY POUNDS???

Wow. You are amazing.

That teacher can suck it.

Thanks for the tips - I am ALL ABOUT the cheaty snacks.

Natalie said...

wow! 70 pounds! amazing. i have also been working on losing weight for awhile. i go in spurts though. in 2003 i lost 30 pounds and was happy with that. i went to america for three weeks and gained 5 back so i was inspired to work on it again. that time i lost 20. i went to america for 7 months and gained about 10 of that back. i lost it and went to america for christmas and gained about 5 back. now i am working on losing the 25-30 pounds i want to lose to get to my "happy" weight. i return to america in november. scary! but this time it is for good so i won't have to cram all that good food into a short time. i can pace myself.

The Over-Thinker said...

Donna: Firstly, I hate it when the INTERNETS eat my comments. I've gotten in the habit of highlighting them and hitting "control C" before I hit submit. Just in case. And you just seriously made me say, "Awwww!" at your compliment. Many thanks :) And is that a new thumbnail photo of you? Geez louise you're bendy! And you DO NOT NEED TO LOSE 70 POUNDS, bendy Woman!

Hills: Oh I know! That teacher was so so terrible. I didn't even mention that she was incredibly overweight, herself. Shouldn't it be, like, a rule that the people teaching our children to be in shape SHOULD BE IN SHAPE?? Hello? And thank you muchly for calling me a rockstar :)

Angella: Thank you!! That teacher definitely sucked. Loads. I'm glad you enjoyed the tips. Whenever I come across another one, I will post it!

The Over-Thinker said...

Natalie: GOOD FOR YOU for keeping at it. And you're coming back to America for good?? REALLY???? (Is there a post of yours that tells how you came to live in Turkey in the first place? I was going through your archives and I couldn't find the "why"---I think I must've missed it!)

Bridge said...

I used to go to the Weight Watchers meetings. I did really well on it. I think I am starting again tomorrow. Not on Weight Watchers, but a new life regime. Who knows what it will be. Guess I should figure it out tonight. HEHE. said...

I like to use the expression "Arseholier than thou." but thou does not mean you in this case.
Extreme arseholiness.

Sra said...

Wow, thanks for the tips. I know someone who also lost a lot of weight the WW way. Maybe I'll look into it.

The Over-Thinker said...

Bridgy: I think I'd probably do a bit better if I actually joined and went to the WW meetings. However, I've found that this route really makes me accountable to me and not to them. On the other hand, I'm finding that being accountable to others also lights a fire under my ass..i.e. this whole "I'm posting every day in June"-thing. So who knows? Whatever you choose to do--best of luck to you--I love starting-over, don't you?? P.S. When do you leave for Europe????

Witchy: Thou est thankfulest for, est :) :)

Sra: It's definitely a good program. But no matter what they tell you, it's still a diet. Just a smart one.

Meg said...

I like your sneaky snacks that are so tasty-sounding!
And I cannot believe you've lost 70 pounds, just by doing that! That is so freaking fantastic! I agree, I think you look awesome in all the pictures you've posted of yourself.
ASSHOLES--teacher AND student! I can't believe the teacher let that girl carry them...that's personal information! But I think that was less of an issue, you know, before everyone started suing everyone else...

The Over-Thinker said...

Meg: Aww--again! You all are so kind. Thank you :) These sneaky snacks are awesome. Hope you like them! You'll have to let me know.

Donna said...

Aww, thanks. And, yes that's a new thumbnail photo and yes I am extremely flexible.
And, I know copy before submitting - unless I forget to, that is.