Monday, June 2, 2008

Oh Really? You think this is a stupid book? How the hell do you keep your job??

I think there should be a policy amongst retail sales folks called: IF YOU DON'T HAVE ANYTHING NICE TO SAY, SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE. Or, something of the like...

What is with check-out folks feeling they can say whatever they want, whenever they want, to every customer that comes through their line? Whatever happened to lying your buns off if it's appropriate? I'm all for lying your buns off to strangers. But mostly, I'm for customer service reps NOT telling me that what I'm buying is not their cup 'o tea.

Here are some real-life, Over-Thinker-Experienced, recent examples of things said to her that made her want to hit something
(but of course she didn't, because she's a little lady--also, a pansy):

At Barnes & Noble Check-Out
  • Customer Service Rep, FEEL FREE TO SAY:
"I don't believe I've heard of this book, but the story sounds very original."
"I ain't heard of this writer. He any good? This cover looks kinda stupid."

At Macy's Clinique Counter
  • Customer Service Rep, FEEL FREE TO SAY:
"I'd recommend going with this powder instead as it would better compliment your complexion."
"Hmmm. Have you thought of changing to the oil-free powder? It's great for people whose skin feels like an oil-slick at the end of the day."


At Starbuck's
  • Customer Service Rep, Feel Free to Say:
Two Choices:
"Have a great day!" or something rather pleasant,

"Yecch. I hate coffee. (shivers)"

As I always like to encourage comment-interaction, what's the rudest thing that's been said to you by a customer service rep?

Please note that I intend to do a post on rude things that customers have said to me (when I worked in customer service) as I realize that customers are more than capable of being ass-hats all on their own.


Sra said...

I like how you use different font colors and sizes. My eyes like it, I should say.

When I was canceling my old credit card (merely because I was switching banks, and wanted to use an in-house credit card), the sales rep simply would NOT take no for an answer. He must have kept me on the phone for 5 minutes trying to get me not to cancel. That's his job, I understand, but when he finally gave up, he was very snooty whilst saying, "Your card has been canceled, goodbye." It doesn't look rude, but he made me feel guilty the way he said it. I thought it was uncalled for, because he was so nice while I could have potentially remained a customer, but as soon as it was clear I was leaving them, he was mean. IT hurt my little feelings. said...

By a customer, not a rep.
"Are you for real?"
No, I'm a complete fraud, and you have just cleverly found me out.
Fool. What kind of question is that to ask a psychic?

Lori said...

So many, so many things I can take wrong. The Target checkout lady who asked me if I was going to go home and take a nap now. What the hell? Why the hell? I wasn't creased and rumpled or drowsy looking, I was just buying, like, a purse and some underpants or something.

One time, though, at the grocery store, I noticed too late that I was in the chatty man's lane (ooh, cough syrup, who has the cough? you, your daughter? ooh, sausages, these look yummers! it for a cake? is it your birthday, ooh, someone's getting olllllllder!) and my cart was sparsely populated with too terribly funny items. I had 3 bottles of wine, tampons, big bag of cat food, ice cream---just some really terrible stuff for him to chat at me about. I just tried to give off harsh waves of standoffishness to fend him off. It worked, but if I hadn't time to prepare that simmering anger, no telling what he'd have said.

I know there are more.

Angella said...

My biggest peeve is when the feel the need to comment on my three kids.


No shit, Sherlock.

Sparkliesunshine said...

I hate that. I can't think of an example right now, but I loved hearing about your experiences.

Natalie said...

probably the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard from a checker at the grocery store had nothing to do with what i was buying...

we were in the states for 3 weeks visiting my parents when i needed to run to the store. i don't even remember what i was buying, but i was trying to pay with my atm card. i had forgotten how to use the little card swipe things since they don't have them in turkey. i laughed at my ineptness and explained that i lived in turkey and hadn't used one in awhile. then the checkout clerk asked, "did you drive here?" WTF? um...from turkey? no...we flew. (oh my gosh...yeah we took that bridge over the atlantic ocean!) i thought the customer behind me was going to hyperventilate from trying to hold in her laughter.

The Over-Thinker said...

Sra: I'm glad you like the layout--I like to keep things interesting. I've had the same thing happen when canceling a cell phone plan. Terribly rude. They need to realize that we're not former customers at that point, moreover, we're potential future returning customers. But after that treatment...probably not.

Witchy: What a dolt!

Lori: You crack me up :) I have to be in the mood for Chatty Man. I have pretty good radar for that, but sometimes my grocery selection bring out the "crazy". Where I used to live, we could buy alcohol at the grocery store. I cook a lot with wine and use alcohol when making certain ice creams. In my cart, I had the usual assortment of groceries as well as 3 bottles of white wine, a bottle of red and a bottle of some Espresso liqueur. The check-out gal said, "Do you always drink this much?" I actually told one her (hee-hee) to her manager. She asked me this in front of approximately 5 other shoppers. So stinkin' stupid.

Angella: I can't get over that you said "Shit" :)

Sparklie: Thank you :)

Natalie: Holy Hell---where do they find these people? That's one helluva bridge crossing :) Do they have gas stations on the bridge? I wish I knew what she said after you said you flew? Did she "get it" then? Probably not.

Memarie Lane said...

This is why I'm so glad my library has self check-out. I'd never have the guts to check out trashy romance novels otherwise.

The Over-Thinker said...

Memarie Lane: Self-Checkout at the library??? I must have. I've never heard of this.