Thursday, April 3, 2008

This is the part where Angella said, Would you like some free chocolate? and where I was like, well duh.

I should have titled this post, The Art of Over-Linking in Action, but I decided to go with a long-winded number. Shocker.

Firstly, do you like chocolate? Secondly, do you like Canadian chocolate? If you answered yes to the first question but no to the second one, thank you for your time, you may leave. If you answered yes to both questions, visit Angella's site and leave this lovely lady a comment. Once you do, she'll pop your name into a top hat and have her wonderful assistant...ahem, I mean husband...Matthew draw out a winner. Angella, can you have Matthew draw the winner? I don't want to be accused of lying to my readers. Thank you :-). And you could be that winner! And you could totally say, "Oh no, Angella, I must decline--you can give my chocolaty, Canadian winnings to The Over-Thinker!"


Now it's Time to Get Fancy--We're Going to an Awards Show!

I'm on the left.

I've been meaning to post about this for a few days, but I'm really shy and don't like to toot my horn....IWONANAWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of my most favoritest bloggers, Hillary (with 2 L's please) gave some of her favoUrite (for the Canadians) bloggers this award and I was one of them!

I can't tell you how great this makes me feel--seriously, when your writing is validated by a fellow blogger, it's like getting a scratch-n-sniff sticker on the top of your spelling test! So make sure to check out the more mature, better written, Canadian version of my sense of humor complete with the same opinions but blogged about in a much classier way. Tell her I sent ya!

Oh, and again, I'm such a shy, modest person, I almost didn't mention....IWONANOTHERAWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peep of the Week

I am officially a "Peep"---I know, I'm such a gangsta. In fact, here's a gangsta-joke. Didn't know they made them, did ya?

Why does Snoop Dog carry an umbrella? Fodrizzle*

I was crowned Peep of the Week over at Witchypoo's Blog (she's also known as Psychic Geek). She is so wonderfully funny and genuine and her posts just make my day. Please go visit her and leave her a sweet comment or 5. She's a bona fide psychic so she can totally tell me (or you!) how awesome I think I am!

Moral of this post? Giving me an award will get the giver a free ad in the shape of a post.

*I am notorious for totally screwing up jokes. My husband told me this one and made me practice numerous times before I could "take it public"--apparently the practice didn't pay off because the first time I told it, I gave the punchline: "It's For the Drizzle"---could I be any more white? And any less-Snoop?


Angella said...



If I would get off of my hiney and post "Peep of the Week"?

You would get one from me too. Your comments never fail to crack me up.

Hillary said...

Ummm... classier? Really? Did you not read the vomit post?

Thanks for the shout out! You have made my crappy day less crappy :)

Have a good weekend!

Old Knudsen said...

Canadian chocolate? I thought they did eh and bacon.

Well done to a fellow peep.

We Brits spell favourite properly too by the way.

witchypoo said...

Oh, my sweet, your bling looks so pretty on you! You do know that I have to retype the word verification at least once? Maybe I should clean my glasses?

matches said...

I like canadians and their chocolate. I don't like peeps but i do like hunting for easter eggs. congrats on your many awards. you are fodrizzle.

Loralee Choate said...

Ok, I was thinking I was awesome for posting my peep of the week this week, but, um, I didn't (Because of life suck)

However, I am so glad that Witchypoo never fails!!! She's better at the damn thing then I am!!!

And? You are one of my favorite commenter's. Seriously, I have no doubt that you will be getting this sucker up on my blog. You cracks me up, woman.

I cannot wait to get my canadian chocolate. SWOON. It's made me freaking week.

jess said...

dude can you hook me up with this angella chick?? and is she willing to smuggle mackintosh toffee across the border?

you discuss...and get back with me.

thanks in advance.

Hyphen Mama said...

Canadians make chocolate? And here I thought Canadian Bacon was the only product of Canada. Oh, and Canada Dry. Damned Amerikan skools... not teaching diversity.

Congrats on the awards. You so rock. Or is that rocque?

Meg said...

I found a shirt online that has a picture of an umbrella and say fo drizzle on it, and I desperately want to get it for you :P

The Over-Thinker said...

Angella: Thank you! I'm always happy to crack you up.

Hillary: You're more than welcome. Trust me, you are classier (*belch*)

Old Knudsen: Thanks! And I will bring an extra vowel when I'm talking to you, too. I'm learning.

Witchypoo: Don't clean your glasses, it's part of the magic :)

Matches: Thank you---fo' shizzle.

Loralee: I'm bummed that I didn't win a chocolate hedgehog (I almost typed gopher-ew) so I might have to hit-up eBay. And I think YOU are hilarious so I'm super flattered that I crack you up.

Jess: If I would've won, I would've shared. Promise.

Hypen Mama: so funny :) I think you roque, too.

Meg: You DID? Where?? I may have to put that on my birthday wish list.

Meg said...

I just bought my third shirt from there :D

The Over-Thinker said... it!