Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Remind me to tell you about my accidental enthusiasm about a Strip Club...

Why do I neglect my blog? It's very well-behaved and rarely begs for food...I'm a terrible blog-mom.

I'm waiting for a group called HABB (Humans Against Bad Blogging) to do a PSA where they show a screen shot of my blog in the background, focusing in on the last post date. Then a voice says, "Each day, millions of blogs are neglected. And for the price of a box of hypothetical matches, you can make a difference by lighting a fire under a lazy bloggers ass. Each month, we will send you an updated photo of a lazy blogger under whose ass you've lit a fire."

Enough about my blog---let's focus on ME!


Tomorrow, around this time, I will be in the actual physical presence of a fellow blogger. For real. One of my mostest favoritest bloggers, Miss Loralee, is visiting her brother in Minnesota and we're going to meet up! At the risk of sounding like an idiot, I feel like I'm meeting a celebrity. Have you been to her blog? You need to go. Now. She's so witty and fabulous and she makes me laugh until I cry. And I'll bet 100 Diet Cokes that she's even funnier in person. And don't think I'm too cool to ask for her autograph. I'll do it, people. I will.

I haven't been too much fun lately. In fact, I've been quite lame. And to anyone who's reading this that thought, "What's new?" I say, "Shut up, Husband." I kid. I love him. (P.S. He's as lame as I am) :) Work has been nuts and after work has been nuts and our kittens have decided to be assholes. All in all, a truly fabulous past 2 weeks. When I haven't been busy cleaning up sugar off the kitchen floor (thanks to our cat Abe, who lovingly shoved the CERAMIC SUGAR CANISTER OFF THE TOP OF THE FRIDGE) or cat vomit (thanks to our other cat, Fidgy who manages to hork up something magical each day on the one carpeted or upholstered area in the vicinity of her food bowl), I've been working and sleeping.

Dear Swiffer, You need to come out with "Cat Done Messed Up Yer Life" clean-up pads because the "ones with ridges" aren't cutting the mustard. Love, Me.

Let Me Introduce you to:




Enough about Fidgit and Abe........(and I need to stop thinking about Abe because I'm still super ticked off that our socks are sticking to the kitchen floor)

Back to meeting up with Loralee. Via e-mail, I told her I hoped she was having a grand time in the hotbed of activity that is the suburban area of the metro. I warned her to take it in slowly and to plan on going through a Minnesota-Detox before she leaves. This is where we'll remove all of the casserolin' and over-annunciatin' from her system. I requested that she take all of the "Oh Yahs" with her as we have all that we need. And if I have any Minnesotan/Midwest readers, I'd bet a Twin's Center-Fielder that you know what I mean by all that.

Being that Loralee isn't from the area, I thought, Hey! I'll pick out a fun place to go for drinks and appetizers! See, the thing about living in the Minneapolis area is this: There is SO much to do, SO many places to go/eat, that when you have the task of picking a place, you go blank. What does a "blank girl" do? CITY SEARCH!!!! Yeahno, emphasis on the no. I ran a city-search for the area where she's staying and thought I found a pretty cool place to go. I consulted with my co-worker who looked at the web page I had on my screen and she said, "Um, Over-Thinker, that's a strip club." A strip club. Wouldn't that have made a fabulous first impression!? Welcome to Minnesota, Loralee! Hope you brought a lot of one dollar bills!


Sra said...

I was wondering about your bloggity absence. Your blog hasn't lit up on my feed reader for a long time. But it looks like you got a HABB person to sponsor you for only 27 cents a day, and now you're back and in good form as ever.

Marissa said...

that's so exciting and so fun! i wish i was back home so i could join! :) i have two bloggers coming to nyc next weekend and i can hardly wait.

Angella said...

You get to meet Loralee!

I cannot WAIT to meet her in July.

Are you coming? And why do I not remember this?

The Over-Thinker said...

Sra: Thank God for pocket change, right? And can you imagine if Starbucks sold a cup of coffee for 27 cents?

Marissa: When you get back to MN, I would love to meet up!

Angella: I think I'll ask her to sing for me :-)

Bridge said...


I heart Loralee as well. I am just lucky that she happens to be my friend in Real Life. Yep. I am one of those girlies she does girls night with.

Here are some cliff notes about spending time with Loralee:

1. Diet Coke is a must.

2. She loves quaint atmospheres.

3. She loves good food.

4. She loves strip clubs... hehe, not really. I would love for you to take her to one though. HEHE.

5. She talks a lot when nervous. Not to be confused with how much she talks when she is not nervous. She is always nervous when meeting new people.

6. She is absolutely delightful.

7. She really is that funny and fun in real life.

Just have fun and enjoy the conversation. Feel free to ask for her autograph... I'll steal her checkbook later and put it to good use!

Oh, and tell her hi. Plus give her a hug for me.

willikat said...

wait, wait wait. you're in minnesota??? so am i!

Hillary said...

Yay for coming back! I will totally be your HABB sponsor. Every time you disappear I will send you an obnoxious message ... just like I did this morning - see! I'm already your HABB sponsor!

I am in awe of the fact that you're meeting up with Loralee. You have to tell me if her eyebrows are as perfect in person as they are in pictures of her on her blog. If eyebrow envy were a real thing, I'd be suffering from it.

Nicole said...

Miss Loralee should know that the Over-Thinker is even funnier and cooler in person than she is on her blog as well. Seriously- I can't imagine anyone meeting you and not thinking you're awesome.

You should take her to Mells Beauty Bar for martinis and manicures. Or you could be like one of your awesome friends and take her to a "chic" place like the 400 Bar to watch some whiny local band croon about an ex-girlfriend they'll never win back.

Maybe Loralee will sign that prosthetic leg for you...

The Over-Thinker said...

Bridge: I'm thinking about printing off your list and taking it with me. She'll wonder what I'm checking off, but I like to keep people guessing :)

Willikat: Yes I am! We should meet up sometime.

2 L's: Thank you for being my sponsor. You will receive a photograph of me in the mail from the charity. And I'd lay bets that yes, her eyebrows are that perfect. I'll see if I can zoom in on them during a photo.

Nicole: Awwwwww :-) I like you, too! (you should totally have a blog) And I think we may just get coffee, but if that falls through, I'll drag her to the 400. And...seriously, if I could find that damn leg, I'd bring it with.

i am the diva said...

:giggle: i know of a few people who's blogs could be featured on that PSA. lol.

I met a blogger once, turns out - she was totally as awesome in real life and now we're super buds!

have fun!

witchypoo said...

Tell Loralee that witchypoo sends a virtual smooch. You two have fun!

Meg said...

OOOH, sounds like a good time, whether or not the strip joint gets visited...

The Over-Thinker said...


(She is TOTALLY hot.)
(The cupcakes rocked)
(The comments on this post cracked me the freak up.)

Loralee Choate said...

OOPS! That was me, Loralee, on the last comment. I helped our dear OT install a tracker on her blog.

Hee hee.

I did mention that I am TECHNICALLY-CHALLENGED, right???

But, still...I AM totally hot.


HRH said...

I so wished you hadn't figured out the strip club thing until your meeting. So funny.

Natalie said...

accidental enthusiasm over a strip club? is that possible? i think i would enjoy going and having coffee at a strip club. totally freak everyone out by my normalness, normality, normalcy. not sure what the correct term is here. would the other strip club patrons know what to do with a couple of girls having a latte in their hang out? what about the strippers? what would they think? sounds like a fun experiment!

Thomas said...

That was huge news! I hope it went well.

Old Knudsen said...

If I come over for a visit please oh please do not take me to a strip club it would offend my eyes, my lap might like it though.

JoeinVegas said...

Well, girls can have fun at a strip club too. And they do serve diet cokes if asked.
Or you can come to Vegas and see the Thunder from Down Under and find out what a place full of girls with male strippers is like.

Sparkliesunshine said...

I am so jealous of you right now.

Summer said...

I can one-up your "oh-yah:.

"Yah, eh!"

Yes, I'm a once-upon-a-time Michigan yooper. We visited the Twin Cities more than the lower penninsula. I love everything about Minnesota, except the high taxes. And the weirdness of being a Great Lakes state, even though you barely touch Lake Superior;-)

btw... came here from Loralee's blog. And I'm totally jealous.

Shamelessly Sassy said...

I've never gotten to meet other bloggers in person. I'm pretty jealous.

Loralee Choate said...

I killed you with all my overwhelming awesomeness, didn't I? That's why you haven't blogging in freaking years, right?????


Meg said...

Vancouver has male strippers too.